July 24, 2003
More SoCalWUG

7:21PM I'm at the IHOP in Pasadena for the SoCalWUG Meeting.

7:41PM Just finished my chicken caesar salad. Mmmmm. Time for bacon...

7:43PM They are saying that 802.11g is the suck.

[time lapse]

At this point the meeting broke up into discussion and many people came over to look a the cantenna I brought along. I didn't have much time to blog so I'm actually sitting at home now.

James went and chatted with the guy who wrote Macstumbler. Martin and I hung at the table talking to people about the cantenna and other stuff.

Talking to people about things was fun, but we were kinda boxed in by all the people and didn't get much chance to wander around and see things.

At the end of the night, I head outside and bumped into Sean Bonner, who had been talking to James earlier. Sean mentioned he was going to blog the meeting so when I got home I googled him up. It seems he's also connected to Wil Wheaton in some way. Small world.

Yeah, a sucky meeting report, but you already know how geeky I am.

On Tuesday I went with Brad and Yoshi to see Cake and Devo. Cake was great but only played for 45 minutes. They played good stuff and tried to get he crowd involved. Unfortunately the crowd was mainly a Devo crowd and they weren't so into singing along with Cake. I knew every song and enjoyed singing along with the band. For my first live Cake show, I was happy.

Devo came on and blew through a great set of hits in a rapid fire succession. I like Devo, but have never been a huge fan. I was suprised that I knew every song that Devo sung as well. The crowd reacted well and was on it's feet the entire set. Devo encored with Freedom of Choice and it was excellent.

The people at the show were my people, the Generation X. We are now in our 30s and while we still want to be young, hip, and good looking, we aren't. I had time to look around and my generation is aging. Our hair is thinning, we are getting wrinkles, and the middle age spread is upon us. As Mick said, "What a drag it is getting old."

Posted by michael at July 24, 2003 07:58 PM