July 20, 2003
[Listening to: Weapon of Choice - Fatboy Slim - Halfway Between the Gutter and (5:47)]

I'm writing this with w.bloggar, another tool that let's me write posts offline with a few more features. As you can see above, it will grab the song I'm listening to and even let me post color text. Hopefully this will work well. It'd be nice to have an offline blog tool.

This weekend has been busy and fun. I took a number of pictures and will post them later.

Friday night, James showed up with a brand new Apple 12" Powerbook. He had just bought it at the Apple Store in Pasadena. The laptop is supersweet. He booted it up and it connected to my WiFi automatically. I am jealous of the sleek new machine. The MAc OS still seems a little weird to me, but I see while people buy them in droves.

Saturday we took the kids to the Circus. They had a great time. I remembered to bring earplugs to cut down on the noise. At the circus, they keep the volume at 11. Later that evening I picked up Martin at the airport for his brief trip back to LA. James, Martin, and I stayed up surfing the web on laptops and watchign Sportscenter till the wee hours.

Sunday was Michele's day off. I took the kids out to IHOP with James and Martin. Unfortunately, there was no wifi at the IHOP this time. The kids ate good and we went to wander around the local shoppig center. The kids love Zainy Brainy. Michele had driven down to see Jenny to take a break. The stress has been high recently and she needed a break. They went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. Meanwhile, the girls and I went for a swim in the backyard.

OK. So much for the test, let's see how it works. More later.

Posted by michael at July 20, 2003 07:50 PM