July 15, 2003

Back when I was spending time in Asia, it was explained to me that there were heaty foods and cool foods. If you eat too much heaty food, you will have trouble.

Well, I decided to try the Atkins thing. Eating meat is no problem, or so I thought. I appears that all the Atkins acceptable food is basically heaty food. Most of the day, I feel like I'm gunna break out into a sweat. I'm gunna keep at this diet, but I may some Chinese herbs to get me through.

I'm playing with the Zempt tool for MT entries. IT seems pretty cool. I can do things like this:

[Listening to: White Riot - The Clash - The Clash (1:58)]

It took a look at what Winamp was playing and inserted it here. It also make it easy to spellcheck posts and do other simple formatting without having to get the HTML right.

In other news, Michele posted her take on the broken washer. Martin must be really bored because he posted a long ass entry.

I began reading The Phoenix Exultant, the sequel to The Golden Age, that I finished a few days ago. It is quite delectable. Some times I wish I had one of those jobs where you can bring a book and read during the day.

OK, time to head to bed. I was at work today around 6AM and I need to catch up on some rest.

Until then, go get the new Google Toolbar. It's all that and a bag of chips!

Posted by michael at July 15, 2003 11:10 PM