July 15, 2003

The washing machine is broken.

Last night Michele casually says, "I know you just wanted to read your new book up front, but I think the washing machine isn't washing."

I go check and sure enough, the agitator is not agitating.

I assume that it's due to the normal condition of Michele shoving 3 loads of clothes into the washer at the same time. She explains the reasoning for overloading the washer as "We have a lot of laundry!"

The wet laundry is pulled out of the washer and into the sink to reveal a washer that still won't agitate. I try the usual cycling of the washer, all to no avail. Something is actually broken.

After a bit of disassembly, I find that a plastic adapter for the agitator that connects to the drive motor is stripped. Now, I don't mean stripped as in it still works and slips occasionally. I mean stripped as in completely smooth with no traction at all. The part will have to be replaced.

It took many, MANY oversized loads to do this kinda damage.

I go explain this to Michele and her only question is, "Can I have a new front-loading washer now?". I roll my eyes and go check the internet for the part.

The part is $4.90 and $20+ for overnight shipping. For grins, I check to see the price of a new front-loading washer. The cheapest one is around $700 at Sears.

$25 vs. $700? Hmmm... What to do, what to do?

Of course, I ordered the spare part and explained to Michele that it will take a much more expensive break to get me to buy a new washer. She just smiled.

Later, I had a vision of Michele taking a hammer to the insides of the washer, hoping to bring about the early arrival of the new front-loading washer. I need to keep a eye on her. She's sneaky.

Posted by michael at July 15, 2003 07:39 AM