July 09, 2003
No ice

We are out of ice, so I am drinking my scotch neat. Usually I have two rocks to chill the scotch just a bit. Life is rough.

I just finished a book I picked up at the local discount bookstore. It's called Rebel Moon and based on the story form a 1996 video game. It's not worthy of a full review. The book hums along for a bit and at the end the rebels basically lose and the story abruptly ends with the appearance of aliens. We don't even know what happens next. There's no sequel. What a ripoff, even at $2.99.

I was talking to some people at work about what apps to run to protect yourself from things like spyware and other malware. Here's a list of what I run defensively.

ZoneAlarm - A software firewall that also controls outbound traffic
Norton AntiVirus - If you don't run antivirus, you are asking to get your computer wiped out.
AdSubtract - Pop-up blocker and privacy software.
AdAware - Spyware scanner.
Spybot - Alternate spyware scanner
SpamBayes Outlook Addin - Spam filter for Outlook.

Oh, Michele just got back from her Quilt Meeting. Gotta go.

Posted by michael at July 09, 2003 09:36 PM