July 02, 2003
On the downward slope

I went to see the movie Winged Migration tonight. The movie is absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to take the girls. Jacques Perrin, the director, also made the movie Microcosmos about insects.

The film is the story of the bi-annual migrations that birds make to avoid winter. The cinematography is spectacular. Through various methods there are constant shots of birds in flight as if you are with them flying alongside. It's hard to describe, watch the trailer.

They show many dangers the birds face along the way and you will be surprisd with what you see. The small audience I was with actually clapped for the bird at several points. The next time you see birds overhead you will think about it differently. Go see it.

Spam Filter for Outlook

I've tried several anti-spam solutions and found this one recently:

SpamBayes Outlook Addin

The software only works for Outlook, but it works well.

The 'bayesian' software learns what you consider spam and sorts it better and better the more you train it. I am quite impressed with it's performance.


I pulled the trigger and bought the DVD burner this morning. Woot me.


Mr. P fought a chair and lost.

My brother new Flash banner rocks.

Griff continues to be funny.

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