June 23, 2003
Grey Day

Southern California is having yet another grey day as the clouds linger overhead.

Last night's adventure in spyware removal was successful. I ran AdAware several times to purge the computers of the problem. What a pain in the ass.

Yesterday on my way back from the library I stopped by a new video store in town. Videotheque in South Pasadena is a DVD rental place specializing in "Foreign - Classic - Independent - Alternative - Rare Cinema". I was pretty impressed. The first thing you notice is that most of the store has the films organized by Director. How f*iing cool is that. The rest of the DVDs are organized by very specific genres. There was a British Crime area and a War area. I highly recommend checking it out.

Work today should be a little busy. We've got the Apple WWDC keynote this morning coming down via satellite and plenty of more work to do on the budgets. I hope Michele wins the lotto soon.

Posted by michael at June 23, 2003 07:38 AM