June 05, 2003

Do to a combination of allergies, nausea, and general feeling like crap I took the day off from work to rest at home. Ever since I ended up in the ICU after feeling sick for a while, I've tried to get rest when I feel bad.

This morning I finished up watching Reign of Fire, the dragons in England flick. It was OK, but left me a bit disappointed. The characters were quite over the top, but the storytelling didn't match the characters. The story was realistic, but the it didn't match up to the people on screen.

After that I watched part of the Animatrix DVD. I had seen part of the it ont he web, but have the DVD is much better. The animation is great and shows several different styles. If only other movies had such enveloping back stories, it would be wonderful.

Supposedly Lucas is doing some sort of Clone Wars animation before the next Star Wars movie limps to the screen, but I'm just not that interested. Lucas is a great writer and art director, but his movie direction is the suck.

I did some work email but tried to get some rest rather than just work at home instead of at the office. Michele bought me Yoshinoya for lunch, so I even had comfort food.


John Ashcroft is trying to expand the Patriot Act. When is America going to wake up to this demagogue and the peril he poses to our basic liberties.

Kill the Patriot Act.

Call your Senators and Representatives. Explain how this single issue will cost them your vote and your money. Forget about calling the White House, they don't care what the American people think and are willing to lie to our faces.

Posted by michael at June 05, 2003 09:00 PM