May 31, 2003

Michele and I are in a hotel room in La Jolla. We arrived here around 2:30 and started wandering around. Our first stop was the Museum of Contemporary Art where we saw the Andrew Goldworthy exhibition. Great stuff. We have been fans of his work for years with prints adorning both our house and my office.

The pictures were stunning and the actual exhibits were wonderful. In one, he had taken large rocks and out them into a kiln until they just started to melt. He melted rocks! Then he let the rocks cool into the new shapes. Like baked potatoes that burst open, except they were stone.

If you go anywhere near San Diego, it's worth a visit.

After the museum, we walked down to the tidepools and jumped around the water and spotted crabs. Someone was getting married on the cliff overlooking the water.

We wandered around the stores looking at art, clothes, souvenirs, and people sea kayaking. We snacked on chocolate and finally had Mexican food for dinner.

I turned on the computer to look up where we could see a movie. We got caught up watching the Ducks in the Stanley Cup and decided we weren't going to see a movie.


Posted by michael at May 31, 2003 08:22 PM