May 30, 2003

Tomorrow, Michele and I are taking a belated Anniversary trip to San Diego. My parents are watching the kids. Traveling together is always a good time.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was released this week. It's a completely FREE multiplayer game based on RtCW with several great additions.

Play it. It rocks. There are both linux and Windows versions available.

The inclusion of the XP system is an interesting move forward in the FPS world. I think this is going to be big. It's free and it's good. WHo can ask for more?

To download it I used a BitTorrent link. BitTorrent is a method of filesharing focused on distributed transfer of files in a very smart way. When you start downloading, you instantly become an uploader as well. I was getting around 125kB/s on a 250+ MB file.

Maybe I could find a way to use it at work.

OK, time to go play games.

Posted by michael at May 30, 2003 10:07 PM