May 28, 2003

The heat is finally beginning to arrive in Southern California. It's 9PM and the temp is still in the high 70s inside, even with the air conditioning on. Once the long summer starts, the heat will be a daily battle. I need to install that attic fan ASAP.

I've been burning the candle at both ends lately. Too much of everything and too little rest. Add to the fact that I'm off of caffiene and I'm dragging. People at work told me I'm looking ragged. It's mostly my eyes, but I need some rest.

Amazingly, the Planetside servers went down tonight for some emergency patch or what not. I'm playing that game way too much. It's great, but I need to rest first.


I've been reading a bunch, but not linking much.

My mother posted a great item on Memorial Day. You should take a look.

She's using Blogger which I have determined is the suck. Props to the Blogger crew for being innovative, but the archives, tag systems, and lack of flexibility is a problem. I need to convince my Mom to move to Movable Type. MT would solve her issues about wanting to upload and post photos. Blogger just doens't handle it. Where's Typepad when I need it?

I hope the learning curve isn't too steep. Matt's against it, but agrees that Blogger is a pain in the ass.

I've been doing some thinking about reputation system for the net, but I haven't written them up yet. Soon.

Martins' Computer

Update on Martin's hard drive: I prepped a backup drive for him and had him install it. No worky says Martin. I think the computer is toast. I'm guessing a mobo/processor upgrade would fix it up, the OCed Celeron 533A is probably giving up the ghost.

He told me to forget it. When they get to Kansas he's buying a new computer. He's going to buy a Mac. Et tu Martin?

Alright, about 30 minutes until I head to bed. TIme to go see if the Planetside servers are up.

Posted by michael at May 28, 2003 09:24 PM