May 25, 2003

It's Sunday and again we are not doing much. I edged, trimmed, mowed the lawn and Michele took the kids to Target for a new mop. I asked the girls if they wanted to go to the play, but they didn't want to go. We didn't go yesterday and I was hoping we would get a chance today. No luck.

Mira wanted to play with her new Barbie and Zoe wanted to play her new Pacman videogame.

Zoe has made a clubhouse in the girls room. Here is the sign on the door.

"What is password? Roll the dice!"

If you knew the password, you could gain entrance. Inside you would find this scene.

(clockwise from the left) Kleenex, stuffed animals, books, pillow, makeup head, blanket, rock collection, money stash

Once inside, you were invited to roll the dice. No matter the outcome of the dice, you 'won' a hug or kiss.

Good times.


I stayed up way, way too late last night playing Planetside. On a trip to Fry's yesterday, I broke down a bought the Prima Guide to Planetside. Some good info, but I long for a few more details.

This could be my new game that takes hold of me. It has the community that's fun, but lacks the drama++ that takes over other RP style games. The mission is clear, kill the enemy, kill them all.


I finished the Tranquility Alternative yestday while Zoe was in the bath. I sit in the bathroom while htey bathe reading a book most nights. The ending was OK, but I wished for a little more heroic ending than simply being told that that the CIA had wrapped everything up without any details.

The ideas about an alternative space program were interesting. The path the military would take if running the space program as a defense system as opposed as a pure exploration system. I don't know what it will take for America to get reinvigorated by the space program. Perhaps it will be the Chinese attempts to reach the moon. I can only hope we get a President with a bit of vision for the future that understands the value of moving forward into space.

Posted by michael at May 25, 2003 02:24 PM