May 24, 2003
Home Day

In my girl's minds, the week is divided into school days and home days. Today is a home day. I plan on a quiet morning and am going to take the girls to a play of the 3 Little Pigs this afternoon.


The last two days I've played Planetside. It's damn good. They've taken the best of Tribes converted it to a MMOAG (massively multiplayer online action game). There's no role play, just combat.

The experience you gain helps you raise your certifications and gain access to more and more hardware. The skills go in a few different routes. You can rais eup on vehicles or armaments or on utiltiy hardware like hacking and repair tools.

There's not big delay on getting to a fight. There's an Instant Action button that takes you directly to a combat zone to reinforce the people already fighting. The actual fighting is good, but not great. It allows for traditional FPS skills, but lacks the fluidity of Quake and UT. Lag does not appear to be an issue. I see occasional lag burst while running from once place to another, but never in combat.

I think I'm hooked.


Once again I'm going ask those people that read Cruft to make sure that they ping or or blogrolling whe they update their own weblogs. Yes, I'm taking about you Keith, Yoshi, and Travis.


I've been reading The Tranquility Alternative by Alan Steele, which I found on sale at a bookstore in Burbank. Good so far, but predictable. I'm sure there's a few twists coming, but I'm on the scent of what's going to happen.

I subscribed to Asimov's Science Fiction, the pulp style sci-fi magazine. Amazingly, the latest issue has a story by John Varley, one of my favorite authors.


I still haven't finished the pictures from E3 yet. Too much gaming. I hope to finish it today and post 'em.

Posted by michael at May 24, 2003 09:01 AM