May 16, 2003
The Day Ends

It's a little after 2AM and I just got home. I met up with TWELVE friends at the movies to see the Matrix Reloaded again. It was fun being out with so many people.

On the drive home, the highway was deserted. I could have easily done 120 on the highway but didn't. I only did 90...

At this time of night, dear old South Pas is empty and the town is quiet. I roll down the windows and listen to the silence.

When I get home I step out in the street and feel the calmness around me like a cool breeze. There's nothing else like the middle of the night. I love the feeling. Maybe it's the idea that everything is not so busy, or maybe it's just hearing the rustle of leaves.

I walk into the house and kiss the girls, soundly asleep. It is a good day. Good night.

Posted by michael at May 16, 2003 02:18 AM