May 06, 2003

Tonight I went to the store after the girls went to bed to pick up a few things. As I entered the store I noticed a lady looking at the Mother's Day cards. No biggie, only like five days until Sunday so she's getting her choosing done.

I wander around the store picking up my assorted items, pondering if there is anything I might want. Back and forth I wander for about 10 minutes. I head up front, check out and head for the door.

The lady is still there, reading the cards. 15 minutes after I first saw her when I came in the store. Still. Reading. The. Cards.

How do you read Mother's Day cards for 15 minutes? I think my head would explode.

In other news, I made enchiladas tonight. I was at the store getting corn tortillas and onions. I made chicken and cheese enchiladas. Tomorrow we'll cook them up and see how I did. I hope the kids like them.

Posted by michael at May 06, 2003 10:08 PM