May 04, 2003
Buttons, Buttons, and more Buttons

Somehow I stumbled on to Tay McKnight's page of Buttons to Steal. Absolutely kick-ass stuff. Go take a look.

If you scroll down this page, look on the right side and you will see the new About this Site section. I revamped it with this style of buttons.

To make things for Cruft, I made a few buttons myself. Check them out:

Powered by Linux OS - Linux OS

SXSW Interactive - SXSW Interactive

Meetup - Meetup

Friendster - Friendster

I like these images because they are simple and clean. Better yet, I can create them in Microsoft Paint, a graphics program I can use.

So what other buttons are needed?

Posted by michael at May 04, 2003 11:14 AM