April 24, 2003
So that's how it's gunna be?

A guy gets a little busy and peeps start taking pot shots... I guess I gotta throw down a little old school entry to satisfy the teeming hordes perusing the site.


I am proud of my wife, Michele. She's off in Paducah, Kentucky for the AQS Quilt Show. This is the Mother-of-all-Quilt-Shows. She took the laptop with her and is going online to check email and she's blogging the show!

Remember, she's the one with the BFA, not a EE degree like me, so her first solo trip with the laptop is a big deal.

With lines like this, she's got the blogging thing down better than most:

When I walk through the convention center, I can see the TRUE America... It's the women. and most are size XL and fuckin' proud.

I tried to convince her to try the wireless card, but there's no damn Starbucks even in Paducah for her to connect to easily...


Fuck Rick Santorum. This bigoted, lying, hypocritical, sack of shit represents all that is bad about the closed minded fucks that inhabit the right wing of the Republican party. This guy has got to go. America is about personal liberties and freedoms. He's against that. He's against the core of American ideals.

Call that scumbag at 202-224-6324 and tell him to resign.

To try and defuse the situation, he actually said this:

"[I have]no problem with homosexuality — I have a problem with homosexual acts."

Look, I know plenty of Republicans that are good hearted people that love America and have tolerance for all creeds. I ask you, doesn't this stufff make you sick? Why don't you take back your political party from the fascist fundamentalists that at are using our Constitution as toliet paper?


Alrighty people listen up. Many of you that read this here weblog, have weblogs of your own. I use blogrolling to keep track of all the weblogs I read and tell me when they update. The trick is that when you update your weblog, you need to tell the tracking services like blogrolling, weblogs.com, and blo.gs that you've updated.

It's not hard. If you use Movable Type, just make sure that Blog Config -> Preferences -> Allow Pings on by default? is checked ON. If you use Blogger, just upgrade to Blogger Pro and it happens automagically.

Just do it.

Don't linger at the bottom of my blogroll list, I don't look there. I'm looking at the top of the list for the fresh blog entries.


I've converted another into the Church of Skyline Chili. BillB is a true believer. He tried Skyline and LOVES it. You will too, if you try it.


I'm in game-overload. BF1942, Shadowbane, Planetside, and now the RtCW: Enemy Territory beta. So few hours, so many games.

Star Wars Galaxies looms in the near future threatening to consume the gaming world like a neutron star passing through a star system.

It's a good time to be a gamer.


There are a couple of tech stores that need mention.

The first is Tigerdirect. Tigerdirect is like the clearance center of the internet. They've always got cool shit on sale. They have everything you need, want, and don't know you need, on sale. They've got an amazing section of recertified and closeout technology that makes even and Fry's-hardened geek like me drool.

The second is Cyberguys. They don't have such a wide selection, but they have items you can find nowhere else. You know you need dual power extension liberator and a USB cell phone charger and an Asian Design MouseRug.

These guys are worth signing up for their email to check out the deals.


So, is that a good enough weblog entry for you content hungry hounds? Time to go do something else...

Posted by michael at April 24, 2003 09:31 PM