April 20, 2003
A few photos

I forgot to post up a few photos of this week.

Near Clifton, where our family lives, is a park called Mount Storm. The park has a view of the river and into Kentucky. I tried to find a geocache there, but I had no luck.

Here are the girls sitting in a tree in the park.

Here is the exit of the actual Underground Railroad. When slaves would cross the Ohio River from Kentucky, a slave state, to Ohio, a free state, they need to get away from the river as fast as possible and deeper into Ohio. There was an actual set of tunnels that went from the riverside up to the the hills to bypass police and others that may try to return slaves to Ohio. When Michele was a kid in Cincinnati, this tunnel entrance was not cemented up and children would crawl around inside.

I would have thought the exit would have had a plaque or something denoting it's significance, but it does not. I can only imagine the number of people exiting the tunnel and breathing their first breaths of clean, free air.

In a couple of hours, I'm hopping on the plane with the two girls solo. It'll be zone defense till I get home. Wish me luck.

Posted by michael at April 20, 2003 05:28 AM