April 19, 2003
Cincinnati Food

I've been in Cincinnati a week and most of my time has been spent revolving around eating or waiting to eat. There isn't much fof me to do since I'm not involved in the wedding planning of my sister-in-law and the kids are usually running around with their grandparents.

Cincinnati has a few traditional foods that I enjoy whenever I visit.

Skyline Chili - Skyline is the king of Cincinnati chili. Chili here is quite different than Texas-style. The chili has hints of cinnamon, chocolate and other spices in it. Sounds strange, but it's delicious. Typically it's served over spagetti with cheese on top (a three-way) or over a small hotdog (a coney). The taste is unique and perfect for snacks or large meals. Once you get hooked on this chili, you'll be stashing cans of it in your luggage too.

Graeter's Ice Cream - Graeter's is the local ice cream company that make all kinds of seasonal flavors. High quality stuff. The stores also have candy and cookies for sale. Similiar to the Fosselman's back home, always a treat.

Glier's Goetta - Goetta is German food consisting of oatmeal and pork meat with spices shaped like a sausage. The tube is sliced and fried. Similiar to breakfast sausage but better. The goetta melts apart in your mouth. Again, a taste you have to try before you can concieve what it is. I'm carrying eight pounds home with me in my luggage.

There are also a few places to eat that we don't have at home, but do have in Cincinnati:

White Castle - White Castle is the home of the square mini burger. Hot greasy burgers that you buy by the sack. I ate 7 on Thursday and still could have eaten more. If you are near New York you can find them too.

BW3 aka Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck - I love hot buffalo wings. I went to college in upsate NY and tasted the real deal. BW3 is the real deal. A good place to eat what Michele calls my 'comfort food'. Plenty of tasty sides to round out an all-fried meal.

Tomorrow, I head home with the girls and Michele heads to Paducah for the big quilting show. Time for sleep.

Posted by michael at April 19, 2003 06:51 PM