April 14, 2003
Catching up

It's the evening here in Cincinatti and hopefully I can catch up on a few things.


Thanks to Kansas I ended up winning the fraternity NCAA Tourney pool. The prize for winning was a DVD from each of the others in the pool. Here are my choices:

For the kids:
Who Framed Roger Rabbit

For Martin who told me to choose Kansas:
The Killers (w/ Lee Marvin)

For Michele
Royal Tenebaums
The Transporter
Big Fat Greek Wedding
The Firm

For me:
The Waterboy
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Apocalypse Now Redux
Blazing Saddles

Amazing Grandmother Tricks

When we arrived here, Michele's grandmother was sleeping. She's 88 and had traveled from Philly the day before. Michele's dad, Steve, had flown out before and travelled with her back to Cincy. For her, this was very tiring. So on Saturday, around 4 PM, she went to sleep. We arrived to the house after 4 PM on Sunday.

About 5 PM, the girls woke up Bubba (grandmom). She had slept for 25 straight hours. A full day.

IMHO, this is a remarkable achievement. No matter how hard I try, the most I've ever been able to sleep is a little over 12 hours. I wonder how long she trained to be able to sleep 24 hours?

This morning she woke up around 9AM and had some tea and breakfast. She headed back to bed around 11AM, but was up and dressed again by 3PM. After dinner at 6:30PM she went back to bed. Around 10 PM she talked to Michele for about an hour. Now she's in bed again.



I met Grif at SXSW. We are both GenX geeks with kids and careers that attempt to remain cool in the face of approaching our 40s. He is coller than me. He is starting a counter meme.

Alan is happy to have a Tivo. Chalk one more up for the converted.

Yoshi has finally got his weblog groove on. Go visit him and ask him why the site must be black.

After a three month hiatus, Trikster posted. Fargin slacker...

Lastly Mrs. Diggs details the pre-trip birthday party. Unfortunately, that evening I had a gut-wrenching experience. The next morning, Michele was the one feeling ill. I blame the Mrs. Diggs personally!


I got Shadowbane working on the laptop. It's slow, but I was able to level yesterday. Woot. I'm hoping that the 512MB RAM arriving on Wednesday will help.


The Flaming Lips rock. Go listen to their music, immediately!

It's 1AM here now. I'm sleepy. G'night.

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