April 02, 2003
Don't mess with Steve

I should have known better than to mess with Apple on April Fool's.

Tech troubles continue. Michele told me on my way home from work that her computer was not working. When I got home and took a look, she mentioned that earlier in the day, there was a strong 'hot electrical' smell coming from the computer.

I feared the worse, but pulled off the heatsink anyway...

That's a burned up CPU. The brains of the computer to you non-geek types. An AMD 1700+ XP processor to be exact.

All the computers in the house use AMD chips so I pulled the chip from the kids computer and put it in Michele's so she could check her email.

A new CPU is on the way from Newegg, so we are down to only 4 computers in the house until it arrives.

I'll never mock Steve Jobs again.

Posted by michael at April 02, 2003 07:36 PM