March 30, 2003
Feet, Friends, and Food


First of all, here's the big news: Audrey Diggs is walking! Yes, the stubborn one has made the leap to walking. Go check out the dramatic movie footage. Mrs. Diggs doesn't have perma links, so look for the Sunday, March 30 post. Woo hoo!


On Saturday, Len and Monique threw a huge Crawfish Boil party. There was over 150 pounds of crawfish.

For those that haven't been to a crawfish boil before, it's a ton of fun. Once the crawfish are dumped on the table, everyone rips them apart with their bare hands.

I took a bunch of pictures and made a quick slideshow.


Today was a recovery day from the party. Michele was on Day 5 of the Glendale Quilt Show and the girls needed a break. They played with the neighbor's kids and had fun in a wading pool. We had five ripe bananas, so I decided to make Banana Bread.

Mira helped me with mashing the bananas and eggs together. Here's the recipe.


I spent some time today trying to record episodes of the Ali G show into the computer. After several false starts, reading of manuals, and test recordings, I was finally able to get some decent work done. I ended up using the Ulead DVD Workshop program. It's got a 30 day trial, so I can see if it works for me before I buy it. The program costs a lot, but may be worth it if I can make a DVD of our home movies.

Once I get the process down, I think it will be easy to turn video into DVDs. There's a lot to learn about the technique, but the current tools make it simpler.

Posted by michael at March 30, 2003 11:07 PM