March 28, 2003

Most people love bubbles. People love to give bubbles to kids. There isn't a birthday party in America when one of the goodie bag gifts is a small bottle of bubbles.

Everyone seems to think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

'Cept me. I hate them.

Bubbles are always a mess. Kids spill them everywhere. Cleaning up soap is pain, it just makes more soap. I have declared them an 'outside toy'.

Today, Mira walks up to me in the study with an open bottle of bubbles in her hands. She asks for a bubble wand. I tell her to take the bubbles outside and I'll get the wand for her. She says, "NO Daddy! I play with bubbles inside at school! I'll be careful." I again tell her to take them outside. She begins to get angry and yell, but I am firm in my insistance she go outside. She gets angrier.

Then she drops the full bottle of bubbles on the floor. It spills everywhere. She looks down, looks up and me, and says, "Sorry Daddy." and runs off.

Did I mention I hate bubbles?

Posted by michael at March 28, 2003 05:56 PM