March 28, 2003
Sunny Friday

Thank you Kansas! Thanks to the Jayhawks, I'm now in third place in my NCAA tournament challenge. If I win I get 11 DVDs... If Arizona loses, I'm pretty much golden...

Fun with DVDs

I've been playing around with DVD burners a bit. I borrowed a DVD+RW and made a couple DVDs. I was suprised to find that neither the PS2 or the Apex player could read the disc. The computer can read it, as well as a Sony player at work. I guess the compatibility stuff does matter.

Perhaps the DVD-R people are right. More research is needed.


This weekend is the Glendale Quilt Show. Michele is quite involved and has been working hard for weeks. She even got elected VP. The show is kicking into high gear and she left home this morning at 6:20AM. I'll be 'the mommy' according to Mira until the show ends on Sunday.

Michele tells me stories about the lack of organization and it actually makes my stomach upset. "No one ordered tables." "The women were up in their rooms sleeping when they should have been at registration." Ugh...

She didn't get home last night, so I missed the SoCal WUG meeting. There's always next month. That left me time to play...


Yes, I actually stayed awake and played the game. I got used to the basics of control and did a bit of ant killing. Of course, in short order, I died.

Soon enough I started leveling up a bit and grouped with Yoshi & Mocker. As a team, we racked up the exp & gold. By the end of the night I was level 5. Not bad.

OK, time to go get the kids ready for school.

Posted by michael at March 28, 2003 06:57 AM