March 26, 2003
Don't do me like that

Here's my question: Why does customer service at store for geeks suck?

Today a new game, Shadowbane, was released. I saw an ad for it at Fry's in the newspaper. As expected, when I went to Fry's at lunch they acted like I was asking for the Easter Bunny. There were of no help. I stood there trying to call other stores looking for the game and none of the other stores even picked up the phone.


Almost every geek store you go to has terrible customer service. Radio Shack, Fry's, CompUSA, Best Buy, etc... They all suck.

Other kinds of stores usually have good customer service. Shoe stores, music stores, and even supermarkets have better service.

Why do stores for geeks suck so much?

The only good news is that Mister P. found a store that did have the game and bought me a copy. He rocks!


On another theme, I'm very proud of my eldest daughter, Zoe. For a while now she's been saving up money in a special box. Yesterday, I had to return the Gamecube game we rented to Blockbuster. She said she wanted to keep it. We discussed it a bit and she said she wanted to use her money to buy the game. She had savd up $31. I told here I'd cover the rest if it cost more.

We drove to the local Gamestop store and she walked in with her money in a clear box. Her eyes went wide when she saw all the games and systems inside. I saw my genes in action in her. She talked with the woman behind the counter and soon enough, Spyro - Enter the Dragonfly, was ours. I was so proud when she put her box of cash on the counter and said, there's $31 in there.

When we got home, she told me that saving money was good and that she had big plans when she saved up more...


There's more on my mind, but I'm going to go read the Shadowbane Manual instead... Later.

Posted by michael at March 26, 2003 10:26 PM