March 24, 2003
I'm a geek, how can I be popular?

A couple days ago I made the trackback explanation because Anil & Dave were talking about it. I didn't think much about it. I mean, I have made dozens of pages about stuff from building a cantenna to how to BBQ on a charcoal starter and not many paid attention.

Evidently, I posted the link to the explanation in the right place. I checked my stats today and suddenly I've got a ton of hits.

Here's what my traffic looks like:

The last two days are a bit out of the ordinary to say the least.

I looked at the referrer logs and see tons of hits from assorted weblogs, boingboing, and several of the weblog stat sites: Daypop, popdex, and blogdex. It seems like once a link gets a little popular on a few weblogs, it can get very popular quickly.

People must be looking to see what's popular and as a result makes it more popular. It's a neat effect but the popularity is fleeting.

Perhaps I just hit a spot that needed clarity and people swarmed on it. I wonder what other concepts out there need more clarity?

LOTR Photochops

Below are the photos I took at the LotR viewing. It seems Travis's buddies have begun to photochop them.

Here is my favorite by Mad Bushman:

Night folks. I got to present at an 8:30 AM meeting tomorrow with a bunch of heavy hitters in the company. Although it's not like I can go to sleep now. Michele's hogging the bathroom while she dyes her hair some color...

Posted by michael at March 24, 2003 09:01 PM