March 09, 2003
Sunday in Lone Star

I'm sitting here in the Convention Center typing.

I haven't had time to write up much. When I got back to the hotel last night I was too tired to boot up the computer. Shocked I know, for me to betoo tired to get on the net. My broken toe is starting to take it's toll. It's been understanding with all the walking, but by the end of the evening last night, I found myself starting to limp a bit. I popped a few Advil and feel fine today.

I've got about 10 minutes until the first session, so there's no time to write up everything. I'll just tell you about the Kick game. Yesterday morning they had a Kickball game that I went too. Many people knew each other from previous years. I bumped into a guy that knew my brother, Matt, from Northwestern. Strange coincidence.

Kickball is basically softball, but instead of using a bat on a softball, you kick a large rubber ball. It was great fun.

Since I was unfamiliar with the game and have a broken toe, I didn't play and joined the cheerleader section. I met and talked with a number of cool people. BTW, the predominant name for SXSW attendees is Jessica & Michael. I have met 3 Jessicas and 4 other Michaels.

The converstation ranged all over. I spoke with Christine from Big Pink Cookie about the problems with blogging about work when your co-workers read your blog. Nice to know I'm not alone in the dilema.

After the kickball game, I went to lunch at IHOP. I had the Cheddar Turkey Melt. Mmmm.

5 minutes to session, gotta go.

Posted by michael at March 09, 2003 07:46 AM