March 07, 2003
Lone Star State

I'm currently in the lobby of SXSW in Austin, Texas.

After a bit of travel, I have arrived. For the flights I decided to not wear my contacts, since I would probably not be able to sleep with them on and my eyes would be worn out way too early. I wore my glasses. I don't wear my glasses in public much, mainly because I can't see well with them on. At home, I can watch TV, but I can't read words on the screen from even the couch.

Now I was traveling with this vision. You take for granted that you can read the signs and monitors at the airport. To read everything, I had to either squint up at it for a bit or ask some one to read it to me. Now, I'm an outgoing guy, and I don't mind talking to strangers, btu I could see what went through people's mind when I asked for help. They thought either I was really blind or I was slow and illiterate. In either case, I felt very strange. Not at all like the hardy traveler I picture myself.

On to Texas, a couple thoughts.

1) It's a much wider sky. Logically I know that the sky looks bigger because there are fewer buildings and trees, but it sure *feels* like a bigger sky.

2) Frontage Roads - These roads are designed to let the locals know who is from out of town since they see us making plenty of U-turns and pulling over to look at maps.

3) Construction - Austin is one big construction zone. Cranes, dust, red cones, and hard hats are everywhere....

OK, time to leav cyberspace and jack back into the real world. Later.

Posted by michael at March 07, 2003 02:30 PM