March 03, 2003
Catch Up

One of the things I did this weekend was put up some new shelves over my desk.

I didn't trust the undersupports alone. I added the side braces as well for double security. We live in earthquake country don'tcha know....

Here's the completed shelving...

While I'm posting photos, I might as well show you a few of the boxes and boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the dining room.

Yes, we are part of the Girl Scout Mafia. Buy our damn cookies. Lots of them...


I have been told that several of you are uncomfortable with the dancing images below. What is wrong with you people? It's just my toe and picture my 4 year old daughter drew. You all have perverted minds. I think you watch too much network television.


It appears that the Reverse Cowgirl is Audblogging. It appears that she is quite the lightweight with an evening in NYC consisting of only 3 martinis. 3 Martinis are but a warm up...

Take a listen to her audblog. I mean, who can disagree with a woman who says "if I don't get a show about sex on TV, like, the terrorists win, this is just that important..."

Geek Mode

So I'm at the Kings Hockey game with my wife and daughter, explaining the finer points of icing, checking and other fun stuff to the seven year old, when I catch wind of the conversation next to me. Two teenage boys are arguing...

Teenager #1: "Dude, I could so beat you with an AK."
Teenager #2: "Dude, I could so beat you with an AWP."

They are talking about Counter-strike.

Teenager #1: "Naw dude, you suck with the AWP."
Teenager #2: "I do not! I fucking rock."
Teenager #1: "No way dude, I could beat you with just the nine."
Teenager #2: "Hah, I could beat you with just the knife."
...and so on for 10 more minutes...

I consider blurting out the comments in my head, but I refrain. I will now blurt them out here.

Why are you playing fucking Counter-Strike? It's almost FIVE FUCKING YEARS OLD! It's the damn Quake 2 engine.

There are dozens of better team based games out there today. The Urban Terror mod for Q3A, Tribes 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, UT2K3, Battlefield 1942. Why are you playing crappy old CounterStrike?

Move on. Get a real game...

Lastly, three days untill SXSW

Posted by michael at March 03, 2003 11:42 PM