March 02, 2003
Um, so like, er, gotta update and stuff

I've been a bit busy since Friday. I put up new shelves in the office, went to a Kings hockey game, replaced a power outlet, met the new neighbors, replaced a trashed geocache, played minature golf, and even managed to watch a little TV.

First, Mister P, created a new image from my broken toe photo. It's simliar to the animated drawing of Mira's that's on Michele's site. Behold.

I feel an entire genre of animated gifs coming.


In the words of Ali G, "Listen up peoples, I be tellin' ya what youz shou be watcin'"

There are four shows you must set your Tivo/VCR to record.

Da Ali G Show - Ali G comes from Britain with brilliant humor and hijinks.
Family Business - Finally, a reality TV show I like. The story of Adam Glasser, a successful pornographer better know as Seymore Butts.
The Wire - HBO is replaying the best series of 2002. Excellent acting & dialog make this show about drugs above and beyond anything else on TV.
Six Feet Under - With The Sopranos season over, this is the best soap opera on TV.

Get up from the computer NOW and go setup the recordings. NOW!

Trust me on this. These are the best shows on TV now. Toss in my personal favorites, Good Eats, Mail Call, Conquest, Chappele's Show, and The Daily Show, and you've got a plethora of entertainment choices. Strang ehow nothing good is on the big networks. CSI, West Wing are crap. Fox is crap since they canceled Firefly. It's all crap.

Time to go spend some time with the family. I'll post later if I get a chance.

Posted by michael at March 02, 2003 05:29 PM