February 27, 2003
SoCal WUG baby...

I'm sitting in a booth at IHOP for the wireless user group meeting.

6:59 Getting situated with hardware. I played with Airsnare and cold see all the traffic flying by.

7:03 A crew from GenMay is here at the table next to us.

7:07 I just ordered dinner. Pigs in a blanket, side of bacon.

7:14 Still waiting to get started. The place is packed.

7:22 Diet Coke has arrived. No food. In the words of Sinistar, "I hunger!"

7:24 Meeting started. Food arrived. Talking about stickers.

7:30 They are discussing a mini-access point. I'm not sure about the details, but people are all ohing and ahing.

7:36 Color Broadband is describing the hotspot area that they put in Long Beach, CA for the city govt. Free wireless!

7:45 Long Beach is going to deploy 5 more free wireless hot zones soon.

7:50 Apple crisp & ice cream arrived. Mmmm, dessert....

8:07 Color Broadband done. Break time. Much talking.

8:22 We are in the middle of the hacom.net presentation about the openbrick box. I am experiencing food coma effect from the pigs in a blanket.

8:23 I need a cup of coffee.

8:35 There are 30 concurrent connections in the room.

8:37 Meeting officially over.

8:39 Turing off the laptop now.

Posted by michael at February 27, 2003 07:00 PM