February 25, 2003
Broken Toe

Around 10:30 PM Michele told me there was something going on outside with police & fire people. I usually wear headphones at the computer and hadn't heard anything. I went outside in the rain to see what was going with all hubbub. There was a fire at an apartment building a few hundred feet from our house. After watching the flashing lights and smoke and gossiping with the neighbors for a bit I went back home.

I took off the rain gear and around turning off the lights in the house. After turning off the lights in the living room, I promptly walked into the book case. My left foot caught the lower edge of the bookcase. I heard a distinctive crunch sound and began to feel pain. Hobbling to the bedroom, I asked Michele to take a look. She said, "Sweetie, I think you broke your toe." "I hope not.", was my reply.

Ice was applied and 800 mg ibuprofen taken while I played at the computer for a while. I went to bed hoping my foot would feel much better in the morning.

Alas, after stepping on the foot as I got out of bed, I could feel the pain again. A quick inspection revealed a black and blue toe. Dang, I broke my toe on a bookcase. How goofy is that.

I need a much better story to tell people. Any suggestions?


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Posted by michael at February 25, 2003 07:24 AM