February 21, 2003
Time for work, but first, pictures...

A couple days ago I looked out my office window and saw guys painting the building next door. Mind you, my office is on the 18th floor of a 21 story building. Next door, the building is like 30 stories tall.

These guys were painting the building with the same brushes and rollers you use to paint your house. Only they were 300 feet off the ground.

While I had the camera, I thought you all might like a picture of my office wall.

Is it what you expected?

Finally, here's a picture of an apartment building on fire, across the freeway from our offices.

Ah, the benefits of working in a skyscraper. All the men gathered to watch the firetrucks. There was much disappointment when the fire went out and we couldn't see anymore flames. Men are irresitably drawn to fires by some sort of primal instinct.

If single women ever got smart, all they'd have to do is light a fire somewhere and all the men in the area would show up to watch.

I'm off now to the office. At 9:30 begins a short 5 hour meeting on Media Asset Mangement. I'm fucking loving it.

Lastly, I was out drinking with Martin last night, and he wanted me to track back to him so he could see how it works... Consider yourself tracked...

Posted by michael at February 21, 2003 08:33 AM