February 19, 2003
30 Minutes

So I'm taking a 30 minute break before I do the dishes or whatever other shit I have to do tonight and I'll catch up in my hugely important tidbits of information that I need to blog.

First, props to Lukwam who implemented a Trackback feature on his blog from scratch. Someone hire this guy he can actually code.

If you do a Yahoo search on "brush or floss?", I'm the number one hit. Success at last!

My brother Matt sent me this link via overstated.net via My First Mine. It's music mixed with the sounds of a man playing Counterstrike. Warning: It's 4+ MB and involves much cursing. Shoo the kids out of the room before you play it.

Over at Thinkgeek, I've been obsessing over this. Of course, I have no use for it, but it looks cool.

Last night I made the plane & hotel reservations for SXSW. I think it's gunna be a good time. After reading on a number of weblogs that people aren't going due to cost. I guess the blogosphere is poor. I haven't decided if I'll keep it a secret that I work for Disney. Maybe I'll bring Lessig a Mickey plush.

Mike Tyson got a tattoo. Martin & I are eager to see this fight. It jsut doesn't get better than this.

Two minutes to go... I will share with you this email I got from my internet millionaire college roommate after he read my weblog for the first time:

"You have redefined Geekdom. I am planning an intervention."

Time for my husbandly duties now. I'll be listening to the Tavis Smiley show...

Posted by michael at February 19, 2003 08:08 PM