February 17, 2003
Pound Cake

First, here's my latest audblog. I made it while driving in the car with the girls.

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I now resume my text based weblogging.

Here's a bit of info you didn't know...

The name for Pound Cake comes from the fact that original recipe for pound cake was a pound of flour, a pound of sugar, a pound of butter, and a pound of eggs.

You learn some thing new every day.

A few have mentioned that I have not updated news of my daughter's fever. I am happy to report that she is fine. Evidently, she responds much better to Motrin (ibuprofen) than to Tylenol (acetaminophen). Once Michele started giving her Motrin, the fever dropped dramatically.

Since I am an engineer, I tend to do things like record my children's temperature regularly and mark when I gave them medicine. Partially in case the doctor wants to know later and partially because I'm a freak. In any case, recording the temperature allows me to makes graphs like this:

The graph starts on Friday night and ends on Saturday night.

Martin did a good job of writing up what I did on Friday & Saturday. To be clearm, on Saturday night we had pork babyback ribs, matzo boll soup made from scratch, and quiche. I don't want to think about how many kosher rules we broke in one meal.

Casey had a very bad day.

Blogosphere stuff:

Friday's event appears to be hot news to webloggers everywhere. I posted up my take and I see from referrer logs that quite a number of people are taking a look. The fact that my submission to Slashdot about the Pyra got posted is addding to the traffic. My ego has swollen dramatically.

The truth of the matter is that I didn't read any of the panelist weblogs before the event. The Rabbit Blog looks familiar, but I don't read it regularly. I've heard the names of the others before, but never really read them.

I've got to give props to Tony Pierce, who not only linked back to me, but gave me credit for one of the photos I took. As Rebecca Blood mentions in The Weblog Handbook, the real currency of weblog are readers. Links are the way people payback others in weblogs.

Jonah at lablogs.com has a good set of links about the event. I need to do more to get the lablogs.com group rolling.

I checked out the Reverse Cowgirl's comments and I found her to be one saucy, harsh chick. Now, being that I'm married to a saucy, harsh chick, I found the site hi-larious. I bet a lot of navel-gazing academic 'what does it all mean' types get bent out of shape reading her site.

While I could go on sucking up to the other panelists, I won't. To be honest, they aren't blogs I'd probably read again. I hope I haven't committed weblog hari-kiri by not fawning over Doc & Ev...

All you LA peeps should be aware that the next SoCal Wireless Users Group meeting is September 17th at 7PM. It's a good place to talk about wireless stuff and I think more webloggers will show up. I can promise that there will NOT be a bevy of hot art babes floating around like at the blogosphere event.

I guess I should post it on LAblogs.com. I think that the assembled geeks would faint if Kitty Bukkake showed up at the meeting...

Ok, I'ts time for me to go play more Battlefield 1942. There's plenty of Nazi's that need killin'.

Posted by michael at February 17, 2003 10:49 PM