February 15, 2003
The Cooties

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. We had some fun in the morning and both girls had mini parties at school. Instead of a party at work, I had another five hour long meeting about Media Asset Management. Let the good times roll!

Michele called me during the day to explain that Zoe had kissed 'Ethan' on the cheek today. Zoe had been describing how 'cute' Ethan was the night before and how she was going to give him a valentine. During the day Ethan had given Zoe a valentine of a large tube of M&Ms with a heart on top.

I wondered what Ethan's intentions were. What was his major and plans for a career?

After work, the family headed over to the Diggs house for dinner and playtime. Martin made some excellent pizzas and Michele managed to piss Casey off via instant messaging. Of course, pissing off Casey is not hard to do.

After dinner, Zoe started to complain about feeling hot. After all the adults touched her forehead, the women agreed that she had a fever and the men said maybe, but probably not. When we got home I took her temperature with the super whiz bang electronic ear infrared thermometer. 102. Zoinks, she was sick.

We gave her the Tylenol and put her to bed. I kept checking during the night and after an initial drop, it went up to 104 at 3AM. More Tylenol. Temperature drops. Whew. The idea of giving the child a cold shower at 4AM was not appealing.

This morning it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Zoe kissed a boy.
Zoe gets sicks.

OMG! Zoe got the cooties! She's sick with the cooties from kissing a boy!

I can't remember the specific cure for cooties, but I need to find out quick.

Michele suggested that this could serve as a long term boy-deterrent if we explained it to Zoe.

Posted by michael at February 15, 2003 11:33 AM