February 10, 2003

I'm having trouble getting my work email at home, so I thought I'd goof off.


Like most webloggers, I peruse my stats and look at what pages are linking to my site. These are commonly know as 'referrers'. I look at these regularly. OK, I check them daily.

Many of the referrers are search engines. As an example, here are the top keyword searches from this month so far including the number of times someone has gotten to my site from a search engine.

Atari 10-in-1 57
how to make a cup of tea 20
important quotes 19
buildabear 15
crawfish boil 13
history of hdtv 12
baseball cap washer 12
cantenna 12
washing baseball caps 9
Clan MacGregor scotch 7
"Pictures of dead people" 7
burger king tacos 6
Dr. Pepper and the imposters 6

Beyond the keyword, it's always interesting to see the site that point to me.

Here are a few examples...

An eBay auction is pointing at my cantenna page. If he sells it, I wonder if I get a cut.

Adventures into the Well Known has a link to me somewhere. When I read the About page I saw that he must be part of Matt's circle of DC bloggers. I then read that he grew up in Lawrence, Kansas. Small world. Guess who else grew up in Lawrence, Kansas? Yeppers, Martin and Jennifer!

There's a link from g2gk.com. I'm not sure what g2gk.com is about, but they like the site.

That's just an example of what I see in the referrer links. Now I need to see if I can check my work email.

Posted by michael at February 10, 2003 02:33 PM