February 06, 2003

I finished Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom this morning. My self restraint is low and I blew through the book.

I enjoyed the story and can't seem to get whuffie ideas out of my head.

Michele is leaving for a four day trip tomorrow and I need to get some rest.

The expansion for Battlefield 1942, Road to Rome, arrived today and I played for a little bit. The seems to be some problem with the sound. I'll check for a patch tomorrow.

At the office we recieved one of the new 12" Mac laptop computers. While many Macaddicts drool over this computer, I saw it as nothing more than a prop for a gag photo.

The web page is courtesy of Mister P.

I pondered quite a bit about how to show my disrespect. I couldn't think of a funny thing to show me doing to the computer. The best I could do was put it in the microwave and threaten to cook it.

What should I have done to the laptop?

Posted by michael at February 06, 2003 11:05 PM