February 03, 2003
So close

So close to bed, just a few things to update before crawling into bed.

Tonight I finished all 547 pages of The Singing Sword. It the second book in the Camulod Series by Jack Whyte about the era before the time of Arthur at the end of the Roman Empire in Britain. I am really enjoying the books, they are a great mix of history and legend with interesting characters. As I read through the denouement tonight, my heart raced as I read through the action. There are five more books in the series and I need to take a break. My nightstand has several other books waiting for my attention.

Eye news:

My mother called me today with news of a 'medical miracle'. She had seen a story on Oprah about a woman with keratoconus that could see with scleral lenses. Bless my mom, she thought she had found the magic cure for my eye problems. I explained that I knew about scleral lenses, and that they really weren't for me. She's always on the alert...

Weblog news:

My brother Matt is back in action after brief technical trouble.

Posted by michael at February 03, 2003 11:26 PM