January 28, 2003

Howdy readers. I've neglected the weblog for a few days. Real life does tend to take priority. Over the weekend I often thought about things to post, but I didn't take the time to post.

On Saturday we prepped for the Superbowl party and got to repair the deck step that got broken at the last party. I enjoyed the task of drilling into masonry and using lead anchors to mount the replacement step. Tools = fun.

Michele and I agreed to take a break from throwing parties for bit. Since Christmas Eve, one month, we had thrown 4 parties (Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, Zoe's Birthday, and Superbowl Sunday) and helped run a geocaching picnic. Whew...

Sunday, before the party, Michele told me to go get a haircut. She made the arrangments for me to go to a 'men's salon' in the nearby Paseo mall. Whatever. I walk in and say, "I'm Mike and I'm here for my haircut". The lady greets me and hands me a clipboard. Linda like a new patient at the doctor's office. She asks me to fill it out. There are questions like 'What types of salons have you previously visited?' Types of salons? WTF?!? 'What products do you use in your hair?' I put in the stupid goop that Michele buys for me somewhere. Who knows what the name is? I tell her I'm almost out of hair goop, and somehow by magic, new goop appears. Sometimes it changes a bit, but she assures me it's the same thing.

The one good thing about the haircut is that they put a hot towel on my face. Boy o boy, that feels good.

Soon enough I was back in party mode. The highlight of the party was the turducken. Here's the story of the turducken for you to enjoy.

Today I had to deal with the effect of the Sapphire/Slammer SQL worm at the company. I got the call at 7AM that all company systems were down.

ALL. SYSTEMS. DOWN. A fargin nightmare...

I'll go into that fun later. Time for sleep now.

Posted by michael at January 28, 2003 12:05 AM