January 23, 2003

So I'm sitting at the IHOP in Pasadena at the Southern California Wireless User Group (SoCalWUG) meeting. They (we) have taken over the entire back room of the IHOP and have converted it a wireless heaven.

The room is packed with well over 50 people. They are discussing the recent stories of the GPS jammer and the idea that Michelin is going to put rfRFID tags inside all their tires.

7:42 - Now the cafe.com guy is talking. They have a hotspot network in LA.

7:57 - Eating pigs in the blanket. Drinking coffee.

8:06 - Cafe.com talk continues. Mmmm, strawberry syrup....

8:23 - Cafe.com guy telling us that Starbucks & Boingo are evil.

8:36 - People are saying that 802.11b rules and that 802.11a sucks.

8:43 - 20 minutes of laptop battery left. Many questions for the cafe.com now.

8:51 - They are giving away a couple Wifi cards and a Belkin WAP as door prizes.

8:54 - Cliff Skolnick of San Francisco Free Networks groupis explaining about free networks.

9:00 - Running out of battery. I should have brought a fully charged battery. Later.

Posted by michael at January 23, 2003 07:31 PM