January 22, 2003

Plenty happened today. My eyes have been acting up again and I could only wear a contact in my left eye. I got about halfway through the day at the office before I couldn't face staring at the screen for the rest of the day. The idea of driving home in the dark this way was unappealing too. I headed home to give my eye a rest.

Michele had decided that the car she wanted for the last month was no longer the car she wanted anymore. I had been ready to buy it and had done tons of research on it. She went on a test drive and told me that the BMW station wagon was what she wanted instead of the Volvo. I was tired of dealing with "we are buying a car soon" issues and decided to pull the trigger. I knew all the issues involved, called the dealer and cut a deal.

We are now the proud owners of a BMW 325i station wagon. Pics to follow when I have a chance.

After the kids went to bed I stumbled across an $11 Winamp remote for Michele at Jason Defillippo's weblog. I think Michele will dig it.

I recently stumbled upon the Southern California Wireless Users Group and they are having a meeting tomorrow in Pasadena. I think I'll go and see what it's all about. With my cantenna, I should fit right in.

In other news, Mister P. is going to jail.

Brad has converted to using Movable Type. Bravo!

Alright, time to go close my eyes.

Posted by michael at January 22, 2003 09:00 PM