January 18, 2003

Righty right, here's the update. Plenty of photos...

Here's a picture of the new laptop. It's most tasty.

Yes, I know you are jealous.

Twinkie Update:

We had another Twinkie Eating Contest at work on Friday.

I handed out the Twinkies and the race was on.

I won the first race with the slow time of 16 seconds. We raced a second time and Gary won with a time of 10 seconds. He swallowed the twinkie whole. No chewing. He almost couldn't do it, but he did.

Geocaching Update:

We had the Team WWDN Geocaching Picnic today. There was much fun to be had. I previously hid five caches at the park. I handed out the coordiantes and everyone went to go find them.

Zoe found the first cache. I think everyone had a good time. In any case, I enjoyed my self. It happened to be Snow Day at the park and the city had dragged in tons of snow. The kids got to play in the snow and throw snowballs around.

Mars Update:

If the rumors are to be believed, it looks like we are headed to Mars. Supposedly, the President will announce approval of a NASA nuclear rocket and the goal of putting a man on Mars by 2010. I sure hope it's true. Earth needs it's space program kicked into high gear. I've got my fingers crossed.

Posted by michael at January 18, 2003 11:32 PM