January 16, 2003

My vision is blurry and I intend to sleep soon.

You should go check out Brad's site. He compares me to a Maori warrior.

Well over a year ago, I posted about Burger King Tacos. In the comments there, Tom K. said this:
The tacos are the greatest, and I know dozens of transplanted New Yorkers here in Northern Virginia who are going ape over them. Just like good ol' Jack in the Box....but, sadly, they've been discontinued permanently at all Burger Kings around here. Everyone I know is boycotting BK and I can't believe they got rid of the best fast food out there. Is anyone else having this problem???

Since he posted it in a story from August 2001, none of you would see it. Any reports of Burger King tacos disappearing in your neck of the woods?

I was quite enthused about watching the Man vs. Beast show on Fox. Matt has a good writeup about it. I couldn't stop talkinga bout it this morning. The girls and I were enthralled. Today, when I got home from work, my daughter's were watching it again. I've raised them well.

Alright, time for bed. My mind is wandering...

Posted by michael at January 16, 2003 10:06 PM