January 14, 2003

Today is my father's birthday. The girls and I went out to dinner with him and my mom tonight to celebrate to the Parkway Grill in Pasadena. The food was delicious and we had a great time. Happy Birthday Dad!

A few days ago I finished my latest book, Big Fish by Thomas Perry. It's another crime novel more in the vein of Metzger's Dog as oppposed to The Butcher's Boy. I quite enjoyed the tale of a smuggler's life and the involvement of some 'hollywood types' into it. It was a fast read, and I'm glad I got it from the library instead of buying it.

The last few days have been busy with family in town and work. The upcoming weekend will be busy as well. Perhaps I should go to bed early to get some rest.

Some of you may not be interested in my going to sleep, so here are a few links for your enjoyment:

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Posted by michael at January 14, 2003 10:49 PM