January 13, 2003
12.85 Seconds

I can eat a twinkie in 12.85 seconds. That beats the local record of 13 seconds.

Chris and Dave were telling me that they had a speed Twinkie eating conference over the weekend and that Chris had won with a time of 13 seconds. Brad was nearby and stated that he could beat that. Someone tossed him a twinkie and the stopwatch came out. I decided to make an attempt too.

Brad attempted to shove the entire Twinkie into his mouth and swallow. I went with the 3 bites with seperate swallow method.

Here I am winning the contest while Brad is still masticating. Note my Survivor style form with tounge display and raised arms.

12.85 seconds, I dare you to beat it.

Posted by michael at January 13, 2003 03:23 PM