January 10, 2003
Friday Night

I moved the beer from the primary fermenter to the secondary fermenter. I measured the specific gravity and the rough calculation is 4% beer. Not bad. A few more days to eek out the last bit of fermentation and I'll bottle it.

Tivo News:

Tivo announced several new options today at CES. They are all great. I don't knwo which one to get...

You can get a Tivo with a DVD player built-in.

You can get a Tivo with broadand access that you can access from the internet and move clips to other Tivos in your house.

You can get a Tivo that records and plays HDTV.

Health Update:

Will all you stop worrying about me? Sheesh it's not like I'm gunna keel over.

Posted by michael at January 10, 2003 10:14 PM