January 09, 2003
The Return of Jason Piercy and Binaryblocks

A while ago my old webhost Binaryblocks went out of business. I wrote about it here.

It appears that the former owner of Binaryblocks has got back into the web hosting business. Thanks to Pengo, a poster on my site, binaryblockssucks.com, I took a look at aractelnetworks.com. That's the exact same site as the old binaryblocks site. Jason changed a few names and left everything else the same.

When Jason Piercy let binaryblocks disintegrate, it cost me money that I had paid for hosting and it cost me money to get my data off the servers he was reselling. PERSONALLY, I WOULD NOT BUSINESS WITH JASON PIERCY, ARACTELNETWORKS, OR BINARYBLOCKS AGAIN. You should make your own decision about whether they are reputable companies.

I would suggest to all of those harmed by the binaryblocks collapse to post something about the link between binaryblocks and aractelnetworks so that when people do web searches, they find this information out.

binaryblocks.com = aractelnetworks.com

Update: If you find this post, you might want to read this update.

Posted by michael at January 09, 2003 11:01 PM