January 02, 2003
Star Trek

It appears that Referrer Risk is DOA. I'm glad people had fun with it. Mister P. did a great job and was able to get us to 2nd place. Thank you Mister P.

Today on Slashdot I read about a new Star Trek episode based on the original series called Starship Exeter. I downloaded the movie from a mirror and checked out a few clips. I didn't want to watch it on the computer, I wanted to watch it on TV. So I converted the .mov files to .mpeg files and then burned the show as a VCD.

I was then able to watch an episode of Star Trek from the comfort of bed. The episode wasn't bad either. It had many of the classic scenes from The Original Series like a red shirt getting killed and shirts getting ripped during a fight.

Book news:

I finished Masters of Deception and The Skystone this week. Both were pretty good. My hacking & phreaking took place before the events in Masters of Deception. The Skystone was great book melding Roman history with Arthurian legend. I was bummed to find that the next book in the series was not at the library. I picked up Big Fish by Thomas Perry instead.

I'm listening to Henry Rollins on Loveline now. It's a rerun, but it's worth listening to anyways.

Enough for now.

Posted by michael at January 02, 2003 10:28 PM