January 01, 2003
Happy 2003

I trust that everyone had a fun New Year's Eve and now awaken ready for a new year.

We had a little get together and celebrated the New Year with the kids at 9PM - Midnight on the East Coast. We had shot off some fireworks earlier in the night and watched the Dick Clark Dropping of the Ball countdown at 9PM. The kids were excited and happy with all the fun and games.

We cleaned and cleaned until about 11:45PM before trying to get ready for Midnight. Soon after, we hopped into bed, tired from the long day.

Currently, I'm typing this from linux. Yesterday I got the Romtec Trios II installed. I booted up to the linux drive that I hadn't booted in months. It did not like my new video card at all. After messing around a bit with Mandrake 8.2, I finally decided I needed to install Mandrake 9.0 and wait for the release of Ximian Desktop for 9.0. Currently, Ximian only supports 8.2.

Right now I'm trying to get SMB browsing up on the box so I can grab files from Michele's computer. I miss Red Carpet, it makes things so much easier with dependencies.

Posted by michael at January 01, 2003 10:16 AM